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Janel Volk Hubbard M.Ed., LPCC, OTR/L, EEM-AP, DCEP

Janel Volk Hubbard M.Ed., LPCC, OTR/L, EEM-AP, DCEPBeing in private practice as a holistic practitioner for over 20 years, I remain passionate about providing integrated holistic counseling and occupational therapy from an energy based perspective. My philosophy views you as a person whose mind, body, emotions and spirit are interconnected. I have always been guided by nature and the natural rhythm of life. Energy is inherent in nature’s cycles. Life’s challenges and stresses can block energy flow and accumulate over time potentially creating a barrier causing us to loose our connection to these rhythms. As a result our true nature or best self can become concealed. This can appear in the form of physical disease, emotional imbalance, relationship struggles, spiritual disconnection and more. I have found energy medicine (EM), to be a very powerful yet gentle tool to help restore this connection and build a resilient energy system. This is based on the understanding everything is energy, including your body, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. EM provides simple self-empowering tools to create space for energy to move in and around your body. Once energy is moving EM then can further balance the flow of your energies supporting optimal health and reconnection to your true nature or best self. When energy is moving, balanced natural states of wellbeing and happiness can return.

My clients will receive confidential holistic counseling and occupational therapy through integration of traditional and complementary/alternative methods such as Eden Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. This provides an active blend between science and intuition. These services are offered in a caring manner with the intent of restoring health and assisting with the expansion of wellness.

I offer services for a wide range of emotional and physical health concerns. In addition to working with individuals I work with groups, lead workshops and teach classes addressing a variety of everyday life challenges. Whatever concern you face, this is an invitation to rediscover your true nature of peace, joy and inner harmony.

My initial formal training led me to receive a license in occupational therapy; over 9 years of working solely in that field I provided service in mental health, childhood development, numerous medical diagnoses and palliative care. My experience during those years led me to discover the need to expand services I offered to include counseling. I went on to receive additional training and receive an independent license in counseling. Parallel to this entire process I have been drawn to understand the role the energy body plays in wellbeing. As a result I have sought out extensive training that complemented my occupational therapy and counseling licensure. I completed training in Qi Gong, Tai Chi, energy healing, Cranial Sacral Therapy, graduated from the Gestalt Three Year Training Program and the Spiritheal Institute Spiritual Leadership Training, became an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, and Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology. I actively serve on the faculty of the International Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program.

For more information about the ways I may be helpful to you, feel free to visit www.janelvolkhubbard.com